My first Marketplace asset (10 unique assets)

Hi Everyone,

So I’m modeling my first Marketplace assets , these will be mostelly Fashion Footwear.
I was reading and I found this:

Props: High quality assets that can be used to decorate and fill out a scene

  • Realistic: At least 10 unique assets.

Does this mean I can only upload once I have at least 10 Footwear products complete?

Assuming that is it, must all the assets go into one collection or should they be independent and sold independent also?


That means ‘10 pairs of shoes’ in one product.

You wouldn’t be able to sell them separately because this guideline would not be met.

You could move one pair to another product, but then it would become 1 of the 10 in that other product.

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Thanks a lot ClockworkOcean, that will be a mini epic task then. :slight_smile:

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