My first lighting tests

My first scene in Unreal Engine.
Still a long way to go.
Tested self emitting materials, post processing, LUT, bokeh, bloom , dof , etc etc … So much to learn :slight_smile:

As always , post is such a big part of the look imho (same for Koola’s stuff)

Mind you. I m running everything on a macbook pro.
Mind you 2: All images come straight out of Unreal Engine. No post work in Photoshop.






This looks good to me! Good job

appreciate the feedback :slight_smile:
possibilities of this tool are endless so I m not sure if I ll live long enough to see the end of it

Hah, imagine what unreal engine 5 is going to be like!

really good tests Sunchaser, sure not too much time needed for seeing impressive jobs from you! :wink:

lovely comment. I guess comments like these help people (like me) to keep going and push the envelope.
I guess thats why we post things here (among other reasons) xD

I hope they wait a couple of decades before releasing that. I m not ready yet xD

UE4 is there to stay. It’s going to evolve until we can call it UE5. IMO

some more testing trying to achieve Koola boss-level :slight_smile:



Looking really good! You’re on the right track =)

thanks. It’s mostly what we all thought - most of the final look is defined in the PostProcessingVolume.

Look really good. You are on the right track. I would suggest dividing the floor into a piece for the exterior and a piece for the interior, seems like you are getting some light leaking in there. If you correct the floor it would be perfect! But its a really good job nonetheless

Definitely like the general direction of this style.

Nice aesthetic.

Currently testing some caustics trying to recreate the “Casa Brutale” concept (has a swimming pool on the roof / glass ceiling, so lots of caustics coming in)

(Casa Brutale reference see here:

Screenshots are only medium lighting quality.











Interesting, how did you approach the creation of those caustics? I guess they’re faked?!? because I don’t think the engine can do that, translucency and transparency isn’t the engine’s strength!

Create an animated material and apply it as a lightfunction to a spotlight.
let me know if u need more.

Beautiful work, excellent implementation of caustics. Any chance you could share a video of the caustics in motion? That’s the best part :wink:

Looking forward to more!

would love to see a breakdown of the post effects - are they realtime shaders?

Casa Brutale. Can’t wait to see the finished viz! I wanted to do it too but I hate to work without detailed plans…I don’t want to improvise some of it’s design. Have you found good reference images or even plans?

yeah , there are some rough plans out there.
Check here: