My first level in UE4

Hi all,
This is my first level that ive done using ue4.

All of the assets were provide by Epic Games and came with UE4 xD

Please let me know what you all think :slight_smile:

Heres a link to all of the screenshots on my Copy account

For some reason they wont upload onto this……nShot00000.jpg

  • I cant seem to be able to upload any screenshots of it…can any one help with that? o.O

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Do not think this is your first level. Too awesome! :slight_smile:

Well ive done work in Unity and CryEngine before but this is my first attempt with UE4 xD

Edit: Sorry for this double reply

Hi NoSoulNinja ,

So cool , what you did with asset store .
How long time did you do this ?

With a cloud storage , you need to get a sharing link .

This took me far too long to be honest :confused: My computer broke half way through so needed to get a new one…

Clearly what you need to do is clone an small army of yourself (yourselves?) and set them loose re-creating Unreal 1 at this quality level.

Which projects did you use assets from? I know you used the vehicle game, but did you use any other project’s assets too? I did a short cinematic with the vehicle game assets too a little while back and it turned out pretty decent.
Anyways, great work!

I used the vehicle one and i think the elements one but i cant really remember.

Thats a great video well done!

Looks great, you pretty much nailed the dry atmosphere.

Great work!

Great job on that. Looks like a ton of work!