My first job with UDK.

Hi, my first job with UDK, maybe someone will be interested.

Pretty good, especially for your first demo scene. If you wanted to improve on that, you might consider adding light rays, fog, and some wind movement on the leaves and grass.

Wow great i almost though it was cryEngine 3

Thanks for the answer, I will continue to work on this scene.

What Nathaniew said +
-the grass texture is way too bright in compare to the ground(terrain )texture beneath it and it makes it look strange.Maybe darken the grass texture more to darker/brownish green?
-play a litle more with the sculping of the terrain.Make more natural deformations and even small ones
-scatter small rocks on the ground.
-more trees and grass overall
-udk comes with a nature scene,take a few foliage meshes from there to give variation to the scene.(careful what plants you use)
-shadows are a bit bloby
-use color grading lut texture
-in udk there is a particle effect of falling leaves.Might want to look at it.

This tutorial might help you a lot(if you havent seen it already)

Thank you very much for your comments, I will try to correct the problem areas of the scene.

Very nice.

Well done man, looks really nice.