My first impressions on Android

Hello.I just wanted to share my first build on Android for testing purposes.Here’s 3 screenshots before I talk about it.

First of all,I didnt change anything,I didnt turn off mobile HDR or something.I opened the Mobile Temple and simply launch on my device.Result is very very impressive.Lights and reflections are crazy.
Cooking took ~10 minutes and I’m very satisfied about UE4 on Android.
However,framerate is quite low when drawcalls get high.Considering Nexus 5 has Adreno 330 which is fully supported according to documentation.When I walk around ,in some areas frame rate goes down below 30 which is worrying.Is it normal ? Is there anyone who tried Mobile Temple on Nexus 5 ? I’ll try to turn off Mobile HDR to see if it will make any difference next.Will there be any optimization changes to increase frame rates?

Hi arkenthera

I tried this on an IPAD 4 Retina and it runs great but without HDR. Can you please try without HDR and let us know what the framerates were? I plan to buy a Nexus 5 soon to demo UE4 based realtime architectural rendering so your results are very helpful. Would be great if you could please run the Realistic Rendering demo on your Nexus 5 and let me know how it worked, also with HDR on. Some screens will be great !


Sure! I dont have it on this computer so I have to download it first,then I’ll post some screenshots with HDR on/off.

Edit: I tested it.And as I guessed the materials are not appropiately set and lights are huge off.I dont know how but there’re some considerations while making a scene “mobile” or not.Because in Temple all materials / lights / reflections look awesome but in Realistic Rendering,even some materials cant be seen.Here’s screenshots.

Frame rate was a solid 30 though.

As I stated before the "realistic render scene’ is not made for mobile the materials are for PC/Console builds

Thanks !!
This us exactly what I got on my iPad 4 Retina. Good framerates but the floor texture did not load and HDR was off. I dont agree with @Meathead though that this is meant for PC builds. I see no reason why the materials are too advanced for mobile. There is nothing much going on in the wall/floor materials, no fancy shaders, GPU effects etc… If the Mobile temple demo can run surely this can too. There seems to be some other reason why this wont run. Will need to investigate.

As Meathead stated, its not optimized for mobile. The floor texture has more than 5 texture samples (9 in fact). Same with the doors. The carpet is a very complex material (Using multiple bump offsets). These would all need to be modified for it to work on mobile devices correctly.

Also just got my Samsung Galaxy S5 today and thought I would try it out. Very impressed. Below are some screenshots from the Mobile demo using version 4.1 of the engine (With Distance Field Shadows enabled).

How is frame rate?

Bit of a slow down when the draw calls got high, but in general it felt pretty smooth.

Hi guys…where i can get this demo? I need it to test my device :slight_smile:

i don’t think its available in the marketplace but the project is available in unreal epic launch which you will need the whole engine and some experience to cook it to your phone , or you can ask one of the guys to upload it for you in some server as big favor :slight_smile:

hi i have lg nexus 5 and download this mobile Temple and off hdr AND LUNCH ON MY DEVICE and ver unreal 4.11
but freeze splash screen on my device but 30 minutes wait but not any thing plz help me
android ver 5.1.1 and 3 g free memory
unreal as luncher downloded

Good work guys. Keep it up.