My First Horror Game Is on Greenlight! *PLEASE SUPPORT*

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to notify you all that my game Behind These Eyes is now live in Steam Greenlight. I’ve been working hard on it since the beginning of the year and finally got it on Greenlight this morning.

If you use Steam, I would love to get your vote, and support on my page:


I really hoping to make a breakthrough and get on Steam. With your help, maybe I can :slight_smile:


Hey everyone, quick update.

So the campaign has slowed down a lot (as expected), and I’m still pretty short on votes. PLEASE SUPPORT! The link is in the original post :slight_smile: Also leave a nice comment on the Greenlight campaign to let Valve know they should Greenlight the game!

That games gave me the chills I Like it cant wait to see it on steam. Keep us updated.

Hey SoulReaper0222!

I’m really glad to hear you like the game! If you can, share the link with some friends :slight_smile: I’m still looking for more support.

Wow I like the Feel/Vibe. Feels like a good suspense/horror movie. great work! definitely looking forward to support you. Cant wait to play it.

Hey Bigtymer110!

Thanks for supporting me on my Greenlight campaign, I really really appreciate it :slight_smile: Spread the word!!!

Your game looks really good; I’m surprised you are struggling with votes. I gave you a yes vote and a comment.

I just posted my game tonight and now I’m worrying I’m going to struggle. give it a vote if you get a chance, it will be much appreciated.

I will do so next chance :). It’s not necessarily even that I’m struggling for votes, as much as my struggle for views. Currently, at day 9 on Greenlight, I have about 700 views, 210 yes votes, 180 no votes, 24 followers, and 15 favorites.

So I mean, my ratio of yes to no votes is good, my votes per view is really good even, it’s just that I don’t have many views.

The last two games​ I put on Greenlight (both a little over a year ago) got 3000-4000 views in the first week, and both got 350-400 yes votes, and 500-600 no votes. Each only got a hand full of followers and favorites, and neither game was honestly actually good. They were literally my first two games.

My only thought is that voters aren’t using Greenlight as much any more, now that it’s shutting down soon. If you are willing to share some of your stats, it could really help this confused mind out. My numbers just don’t make much sense right now, comparing them to old submissions:P