My first game in Unreal Engine 4

Hello people, I would like to share with you the result of my first game in Unreal Engine 4.

I still need to make some adjustments in this menu, but I think you already can have a great impression of the work.

Day by day the result is coming, I have great ideas for the levels. I will be putting here the news of this project, but if you want to follow the steps and maybe see some videos of the production, you can check:

Thanks for watching, hope you like my work.

Very cool work. Love the lighting and overall look, and the character looks terrific. Looking forward to seeing more as you go.

Thanks LauchlanT. I making a great progress and soon I will put some updates here.

Here is an update for the menu. Hope you like.

Congratulations!! I m making my first game too, i just finished first level, abt your game look fantastic!! i wanna see more!!

Hey Banzato. Looking good, the lighting is particularly impressive. Nifty characters too.

Thanks coyote reynoso and Spartacas

I am posting some images so you can see how the game is looking. I will save a video of the gameplay soon. Right now I will start to work in the level 2, making some adjustments in the life system and creating new assets and gameplay options.






Hi, I am very glad to show you some new images of the game Clown2Beat. Now with a jet pack the game is more interesting to play. I am in the phase 14 and soon I will have the BETA version. To check more images and follow updates like my page “produzindo um game” from facebook. Thanks Epic and people for your support, you give me strength to continue improving the game.

Hi, the BETA is running. If you would like to test the game, just let me know your e-mail, and I send you the link. Thanks.

Hi, I finished my entry in the Steam Greenlight. This will be a “Free to Play” game. Would love to see some comments and support from the community. Thanks.

Thank you for the support. If you have any questions or want to talk with me, here is my page on facebook:

Hello guys. After 17 days, our game called Clown2Beat was approved in Steam. It`s a great surprise for me. I am very happy with this, even more to show you this experience in my facebook page and let people know that we can achieve great things. Today is a special day but I know I have a lot work to do to improve the game and make more incredible levels. Thanks to my students, family, friends and people that follow my work.

The game is already available in Steam for Free. Post you comments in Steam and help me improve and make a better game and new DLCs. Thanks all for the support.

Play for FREE —>

New version

Hi. First of all I would like to thanks everybody here from the forums. You guys helped me a lot.

Here is the DLC Clown2Beat Crazy Circus. I encourage you to play and leave a comment. As always, any kind of critic is very good to me. I want to learn and improve every time. Hope to make a lot diferent projects.

Steam store link: