My first game in Unreal Engine 4! Topdown RPG Game!

Hi! My name is Nanopan, I’m from Argentina.
I would like to share with you guys my very first game made with Unreal Engine 4.14. If somebody wants to test it I would love to have your feedback!

Here is my YouTube channel for more gameplay: YouTube Channel
Here is the game: Download the new version!



I think, you really like play Diablo 2 haha.
But this is some good start, i see potential and i like it. But try dont copy diablo games :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks!! I only used the Diablo 2 fonts for nostalgic reasons! :smiley:

its a really good start +1 support

Thank you!!

A very good effort. … if I can make a few suggestions:

  1. At 0:48 in the above video the pillar of light from the spell seems to clip the ground plane. You can probably use depth fade to improve that.
  2. Customize the sounds made by spells a bit more. you can use sound cues to randomly alter the pitch of the sound per use
  3. The ground tiling is a bit too much. My own efforts suffer from the same so i can’t really say what to do, except maybe check out Wang Tiles and see if you can figure out a way to use them in ue4

Thank you for the suggestions Waves!

  1. I didn’t know about depth fade, I would take a look into that.
  2. I have sound cues with modulators and everything, but it seems that is not enough.
  3. It is on my bucket list.

Let me know if you want a system for Character Conversations/Mesages (Unit Portrait Style).

I will! Thank you!

looks great!

Thank you! I’m glad you liked it!

Chilean fella here! Amazing what you did there buddy. Please keep up the good work. I’m here educating myself, and you are a good example for all the newbies out there.

¡Muchas gracias por el apoyo!

This was something I did in my UDK project:


…It will be very useful for an isometric type game, where you cant see the characters’ faces…So you can make your actual onscreen characters very low poly, then have
a higher poly version for the comlink/Unit portrait animations.

I have a low poly version of each character, but I didn’t implement because I forgot. But I could spend some time with Maya trying to reduce the poly count to improve performance.

Nice work man! +1 support!!

Thanks!!! I’m glad you liked it!

New video added! New mechanics, better graphics, new effects, Enemy Spawner and more!

This game looks pretty neat :slight_smile: Very well done to you! ( I can not code, but I am getting interested in level design)

Thank you!! :smiley: