My first finished level! =)

Hey there folks,

Here’s my first finished level!

Tried to create an unique atmosphere and make the environment breath as much as possible! =)

I know there’s a lot of new things to learn, but I’m kinda proud with the result, even if it’s not perfect :stuck_out_tongue:

No Feedback at all?

Sad faces

You guys don’t like the atmosphere?

Hey, atmosphere is good. I like it. But some things to try out. When rendering out a montage you could try having some pre-roll then snipping it off in editing to avoid the popping textures. Also if you are going to have sparking cables I would suggest actual sparks instead of lightning like strikes. I really like your flashing light which really add to the atmosphere but you could try syncing the material of the light to flicker on and off with the light itself. The texturing looks good but repeated in some areas such as the vents in the back. Have a look into different techniques for repeating the same mesh such as world offsetting the texture or painting with vertex colors.

Hope this doesn’t sound too harsh, I’m trying to be constructive with my criticism.

do you use default (90) camera FOV of maybe smaller (75, 60, etc…)?

@Trippy Vertex coloring could add a lot of charm! Had some difficuties to share the material with the flickering light -.-, but will definetely give it a harder work. The popping textures were a mystery to me why it happen. So the only solution is to cut the first seconds? The whole final matinee was learned in last minutes before recording it, so I’ve rushed it a little. Would love to learn about multiple cameras and some operating techniques! Thanks a lot for the comment and the constructive criticism!

@Redbox I think I’ve used the deaful one, haven’t changed nothing or don’t remember at least =)

Congrats. Pretty good for a first level. Keep it up! =)

There is likely a way to pre-load textures before rending starts through script but the easiest way is to add say 2 second at the start then start your camera animation. Then cut it off with a video editing program.

To have multiple camera you need a director track in Matinee that cuts between the cameras.

Have you keyed the lights in Matinee or by using a light function? Thinking off the top of my head to solve the flickering lights, if you key the light in Matinee you can use the same keys to drive a scalar parameter in you light material.