My first ever completed scene in unreal

It has a few bugs and glitches but for my first time I think it’s pretty good. UE5 really is a beast.

Fly through video here!

If anyone has done feedback for what I can do to improve as well that would be much appreciated.


Greetings @ALfDoesStuff, and thank you for posting your first finished environment here in the Unreal Engine Forums. This environmental work is extremely impressive! Honestly, if you hadn’t said this was your first ever completed project in unreal engine, I would’ve thought you’d been doing it for years! How long did it take you to complete this creation in its entirety?

Zezkaii thanks for the kind words, it’s good to hear I’m on the right track :blush:. To answer your question, about 1 month part time as it was one of 4 university projects I am currently completing.

I started with a block out in Blender, then made each wall piece and model and found others from online such as the female statue and dog statue. Then I watched approximately a billion unreal tutorials and out came that result.

On a completely separate note, do you know how to stop directional lamps from shining through back faces? It could be a lumen or ue5 bug but I’m not experienced enough to diagnose.

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The pleasure is all mine! Unfortunately, I don’t know how to stop directional lamps from shining through back faces; I’m sorry! However, this environment came out fantastic for one month of part-time work. Kudos again on a job well done! Now I see you mentioned that this environment was one of four university projects you are currently working on. Does this mean we’ll get to see more of your works here soon? :eyes: