My first dabble with UE4

I started migrating all of the content i made in UDK to UE4 and it’s actually pretty straight forward

Here is a quick clip of my first creation with UE4 showcasing a wip skin shader, eye shader and leather/rubber like cloth chader

Youtube’s compression obviously is horrible but watch in HD to get the best results

That’s pretty cool man. Good work!

Nice Shaders and textures CharlestonS.
What are the resolution of your texture? Is it possible for new comers on this forum , to explain how you did these shaders ?

heh you woudnt happen to be from South carolina would you>? :-p nice demo. one suggestion to make it more epic though is to build a simple room and add some nice lights :wink: I coudnt manage to import a 3d model i found properly but i just need to read up more about it. (id imagine stuff made for UDK would import more easier though) im not a modeler but itd be fun to just bring in models and content and then arrange it and light the scene and such since the engine is so pretty :-).

Thanks for the comments - This was just the first asset i moved over to UE4 from UDK to see how hard it would be to recreate my shaders so i just plopped i into the default test map, nothing fancy yet.

I’m going to be working on this more and polishing it because it still looks better in UDk at t he moment so some of the shader perams need tweaking i also have a lot of other assets i created in UDK that i am going to migrate over to UE4 like my water shade,r bokeh dof and pom shaders

The textures for this bust are 2048x for the skin and 512x for the eyes, i made the mesh in ZBrush. I will post a shader tree snapshot once i have it more polished.

And no, i’m not from south Carolina - My dad’s name was Charles and he was from Georgia but they didn’t want to name me Charles Jr so it ended up being Charleston :wink:

Anyway, here are some screen grabs of the assets which are better quality than the video, next time i’ll use Vimeo…

The eyballs are extremely high poly right now because i imported the wrong mesh version but i’ll update it when i get some time

Good start. Have you attempted to get a SSS effect? That would look really cool. :cool:

Really cool work,hope to see your more works. I have also made a sss skin material in udk, but i have not started to use UE4. Is there anything necessary and special to be done except moveing the upk when you move your demo from udk to UE4 ?

Sorry for my poor English~:p


@PerpetualChange - The skin shader is using SSS but i’m still tweaking it

@William - You can’t port over your UPK you have to recreate all of your shaders and reimport your meshes, textures, etc

I just recreated my shaders using the same nodes and removed the nodes that are no longer needed for things like rel-time reflections, etc.

@Daemon - Yeah, to me it feels like the overall poly budget should be around the same as UE3 and most of the improvements in visual fidelity come in the form of shaders and effects but i’m sure UE4 supports larger poly counts, i just don’t see the need for them in most cases

Right now i am working on adding hair and eyelashes as well as fixing the ‘zombie’ eyes look, i have also recreated my dilating shader for the eyes as well so the iris opens and closes depending on the brightness

Nice eyeballs

Are you the Q.U.B.E. developer? omfg

Hehe, thanks, i’ll have to post a video of the iris dilation in action