My first cinematic video in UE4 (No Mercy)

Just recently became aware of the Sequencer in UE4. Previously would have made videos only withing a certain game.

Spent a few weeks (few hours every few days) and started to get familiar with the awesome tool that is Sequencer. Have put together a small video with assets from Infinity Blade and Paragon, few changed here and there. Still, everything was new, from the UI, particle system and level editor, to the animations and so on. Now slowly starting to get a grasp of it. Much to learn still… mcuh to learn indeed. Why haven’t I try this before o.0

Cinematic: NO MERCY - Cinematic [ Unreal Engine 4 ] REC Original - YouTube

If you have any tips regarding importing of Mocap and retargeting it, do share :wink:

Nice one. Did you use custom animations for the characters?

Most animations that came with the assets fit perfectly, so I’ve seen no need use outsourced animations. Although, if need be I would probably use Mocap and edit them in Maya (used to doing that). Seen few Tutorials that teach how to re-target animations from different characters (or mocap) to another character. So I’ve excited to try that :smiley:

really nice work!

Thank you very much. Just recently made another one ^^