My first attempt to making real time animation and bathroom renders.Would you like?

3ds max, vray and UE4

What do you do in vray exactly?

In 3ds max all material, light and GI are in vray…

Very badly done. Not at all impressive.

Can you at least explain why you feel that way, give him some ideas on how to improve? It’s his first time doing it from what I gather, so info like this would be helpful.

For a first attempt at it looks okay to me, some issues with reflections but that is something that is difficult to get right in UE4.

Actually what is wrong with this animation is just the lighting. The models are well done and materials looks good, but the light ruin it, looks like there is no shadow at all, you may try use lightmass to see how it comes out, just to test it.

That was extremely rude and not productive in the least.

It looks pretty nice, but there is something up with that mirror. Are you using the default reflective surface in Unreal?

How can you make the lighting and GI with vray and import it in ue4? I wasn’t aware of that workflow…

It’s called Baking, and you can bake the lightmaps only, or the Diffuse channel

I would like to know more info on “Baking”
you mean is it another way to get lightmaps?
I am just finding some way to make life easier for making lightmaps.

Google is the answer: Google

It’s not that easyer and a lot more time consuming. And you have to make a second se of UV layout anyway

Very badly done. Not at all impressive.

You are very funny. I have been learning 4 hours UE4 and it is first attempt to show sth. I would prefer not to show anything but some people consider that good idea is to make some conversation in forum when somebody want to find orders. Merry Christmas!!!
My site:

Please do continue to show your work! All feedback good or bad will help you develop your skills, don’t let one off comment stop you from doing this, most of the users here will try and give you constructive criticism to help you improve. Looking forward to seeing more of your creations in the future! :slight_smile:

Sorry for what i said.

I didn’t think you could use lightmaps outside of lightmass, I’ve experimented with using blender cycles baking but would then have to use the created textures as an emissive texture kinda like described here Is there a way to use my own lightmap? - UE4 AnswerHub

do you mind explaining your workflow regarding this?

Hi B,

I really enjoyed your video. I think the main thing that would really bring it up would be to play with the lighting settings and adjust the mirror texture. I could be wrong (I’m no material expert by any stretch of the imagination), but I think maybe reducing the roughness and specular (if any is added, which shouldn’t be necessary if there is a metallic surface when done in UE4) may help with the distortion you are seeing in the mirror. I look forward to seeing more of what you come up with!