My first attempt at writing a story and making a game.

Hi all, putting my first thoughts out into the forum and to see if this story is worth building. Feedback and deeper questions asking to build out the story further is welcome.

Name: GUInea (Graphical User Interface + Neo’s female counterpart)
Backstory: 9 years after “The Incident”. Exploited research on the range of mental illnesses and euphorias led to a rising black market drug of neuro-pollutants and neuro-enhancers. Abusive consumption led to 2 new castes in society called “Sleepers” (unstable psychic frequency) and “Tels” (Super-class capable of simple gravity manipulation of inanimate objects with enhancers…)
Main Character: Resemblance to a Japanese Priestess with a mechanical gadget attached to her left wrist.

Current moment/Prelude to story some time before “The Incident”: An arrow whizzes by as it hits the center mark across a simple tuft of grass. Another disciplined shot of sustained concentration. Your attendant hands you a clean towel to wipe the bead of sweat off your forehead. “Miko-sama, shall I prepare you another set?” The phone suddently rings causing you slight disorientation. You realize it’s an international phone call from your old classmate in University. “Miko, I think I’ve found out something I shouldn’t have… A remarkable discovery. This might push us to new heights within the field. Sadly, I feel like I’m being tracked and unsafe. Please, can you come see me in person and I promise I’ll explain myself more? I’ll feel safer with you around.”

Pre-lude Start Location: Brooklyn, New York. Year 2046. After hours, outside of a large Autistic PlayLab waiting at the intercom for security to allow you in. Huge expansive lawn with all kinds of fun looking structures to play with. Towering is a modern arched building structure with glass, lights and random oddities on the protruding terraces. Upon reaching your friend’s office, you notice he is missing and the desk looks a little disheveled. A tripwire goes off and your body goes on high alert. You notice some shadows moving quickly toward you behind the frosted glass. You decide it is in your best interest to make a break for the emergency exit. While reaching the stairs, you notice some more guards yelling from the lower floors forcing you to go to the roof. The door flies open and you make a dash to look where you can escape from the confusion. Around the corner, you notice your friend standing on edge, mumbling to himself. It looks dangerous and you rush to comfort him out of this situation. Within inches of getting a firm hold of his clothes, he mutters “Save the kid… Nea ca…”
Within a split second, without thinking, you push yourself to fall off as well and think of a solution while falling down. How did it come to this? Your life flashes before your eyes.

Branching storyline of your choice:

Phew, finally got out all my inspiration. If this sounds interesting for further development, please comment and let me know your thoughts. In the interim, I’ll be back to learning how to blueprint and designing levels. :frowning:

Not trying to be rude but are you sure it’s safe to share your ideas in the public otherwise someone could take your ideas its best to learn what you can do first before you go out telling your story

That sounds exactly like a TellTale game :smiley:
But since you branch the story, call it HOPS and search some words for those letters.