My file don't get saved

so for past 2 days I’m trying to save but it doesn’t get saved, it gets into a weird saving loop

For ex I name my level kitchen, then when I try to overwrite the save it says it can’t because it’s already open, so I make Kitchen_2 and save, now If I opened Kitchen_2 and tried to save the progresss it will once again tell me it can’t because it’s open and things can’t be unloaded

So far I have 7 copies of level, the issue is, during autosave a message will pop up saying it can’t save and I thought I’ll save it myself, untill I noted It doesn’t get saved anymore, I have redone my work and trying to save it for past 2 days

Also my drive has only 5+ gb left but I feel like that wouldn’t be a isse

Using Unreal Engine 5.0.3 Latest Version, Pls let me know If you have any slight clue because my work is stopped because of it

Thank You.