My file don't get saved

so for past 2 days I’m trying to save but it doesn’t get saved, it gets into a weird saving loop

For ex I name my level kitchen, then when I try to overwrite the save it says it can’t because it’s already open, so I make Kitchen_2 and save, now If I opened Kitchen_2 and tried to save the progresss it will once again tell me it can’t because it’s open and things can’t be unloaded

So far I have 7 copies of level, the issue is, during autosave a message will pop up saying it can’t save and I thought I’ll save it myself, untill I noted It doesn’t get saved anymore, I have redone my work and trying to save it for past 2 days

Also my drive has only 5+ gb left but I feel like that wouldn’t be a isse

Using Unreal Engine 5.0.3 Latest Version, Pls let me know If you have any slight clue because my work is stopped because of it

Thank You.

Same here!
@FiresfistAce you get to solve it???

Hey @Pireias + @FiresfistAce,
It could be possible you have more than one copy of the editor working, or multiple things are trying to access its content. You may have some leftover threads still running not under your active project, so stopping those in your Task Manager may solve your problem.
I hope this can help you out!