My feature request to Allegorithmic about a new way to control how you bake Models & Textures

Should I say I be requesting it, or I’m suggesting it? I mean I really, REALLY want the kind of feature I posted in there.

For what I know, there is no software that can do it with ease, but maybe Substance Designer has the potential.

I’d really like to hear about what people/artist/professional think about this.

Profiled baker settings and Node-based baker setup in Substance Designer.

Basically, Profiled baker allows you to choose a specific settings you saved, and use it within a few clicks instead of re set everything to the value you liked.

Node-based baker, well… if you have many nodes that control or generates all kinds of stuff, you can basically get whatever kind of baking result you want. And it’s all personalized to your workflow.

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