[FONT=Courier New]first of all, I apologize to concordance errors because I’m using google translator
hello people today have come to bring you a “history” based on real events, I wonder if you would like me it takes it forward [course I did not put everything but this is a small part of the story]

read listening to this music because the music would look like if this project goes ahead

this piece would be used in an early video game, please read and tell me what you think.


I've always been a bankrupt, everything I did wrong ... I gave humiliated by those who wanted to see my wretchedness
I cried when remembering the past, but in a single place I was recognized and only there I could have real friends
only there I could respect and adimiração for spent many years of my life in a game where I was leader of a clan and that clan it was one of the two biggest server.
my whole existence was nothing but a monotonous life I wondered to to live if it is not supposed to be fun?
of all the girls I met already loved one, but she could not see me through it ... What do I have suffered, I cried but I could never adimiração her or someone who loves to me ...

so tell me, you prefer to live or survive?
as worth its existence on earth?
and most importantly, you would change the past to change their current state even if it had consequences?
how much you are willing to change? you want to change his life? but how much do you want it? many of us catch ourselves in an endless circle waiting to perish, we eat, we laugh, we play to the end if you really think it was worth apena ....
have you ever wondered why you had to go to school if they do not use 50% of what you learned there? Have you ever wondered why work if at the end you end up getting a ridiculous salary compared to his boss and in the vast majority of only dispesas for the month?
already he wondered why you were born with that color / that?
someone already said she loves you today? Yesterday? this month?

guilt consumes me to think of what could have been different, might have more friends, could have a relationship ...
but as already said in this life I'm just a person living monotonously with little hope for the future, even if I dream about something for the future is hard to see a solution,
I try to change my life in all possible ways but it seems that this is an endless struggle, the more I approach further see me,
life is only one and we are surrounded by people who dictate WHAT you should do, eating or dressing.

because we have to follow the same lifestyle the rest of the people as pawns, of 0-20 years we study, work of 20-60 and 60+ only hope our destiny ... in questioning whether we were happy ...
only ones moments can describe a feeling of happiness in the midst of so many adversividades ...

may continue.

Thank you for reading.