My epic game launcher stops working

today , my epic game launcher stoped working , i reinstalled it and same thing.I didnt do anything or istaled enything on my pc since yesterday…but now when i run it it works for like a sec then it starts to shutter and stops working going black, i tryed all this from this post Epic Game Launcher freezes at start - Getting Started & Setup - Unreal Engine Forums and it didnt change anything…used to not be able to run it , now i run it …i log in and then it stops working after a few sec
link texti have a strong pc , i9 9900k, a gtx 1080ti, worked fine until today…reinstalled it and nothing …same problem

PS: i reinstalled epic launcher ,i tried to log in with another epic account and it worked…I tryed to log into another pc with my problematic account and its the same …it freezes the epic launcher…so how can this freeeze be account related? Its so strange …

PS 2: i have solved my problem deleting all my epic friends, im a streamer and i had over 3000 epic friends… do you know something about your launcher becoming laggy and freezing when you have to many epic friends?? Maybe is something you should look into…thanks!