My engine crashes after World Origin Shifting with Landscape in the level during runtime

With almost little to no Documentation on how origin rebasing is supposed to be used, I ahve found myself at a brick wall.

After thorough testing, I have concluded that the only thing that causes my engine to crash during a World Origin Shift during runtime is having a Landscape Actor in the level. After doing more research, I learned that Landscape editing during runtime is not supported in base UE4.24, so I am wondering if that is what is causing this error.

The error is an access violation error, probably from the fact that Landscapes are primarily editable IN_EDITOR only :frowning:

The thread tried to read from or write to a virtual address for which it does not have the appropriate access.

If anyone can find a way to make origin shifting work with landscape, please let me know!

We are using 4.24.3 and had the crash when using origin shifting, too.

Solved it by using the fix on Github for 4.25 and putting the changes (only some lines in four files) into the engine source for 4.24.3 and compiling the engine from source.

Here are the changes for the fix:

Works now, no more crashes.


Can you repost your link? It seems to have been truncated in the middle and is broken.


Sorry for the broken link, here’s the good one: