My editor map is not displaying

Hello! I am a ue4 user since yesterday. But when I create my project, the editor map is not displayer. I tryed with different types of editor like 2d and 3d, but no one is working. Except this problem, everything is ok.

Hello! The problem is that level is not opened after creating project or you can’t open level at all?

Hi Neoclo_4291

If I am understanding correctly, when you launch the editor, it is just giving you a blank map?

You can assign the default map to open in your project settings

If this is not your problem, please provide a clearer explanation so we can help you.



Hi Alex, I’v followed your suggestion but didn’t work. So I’m trying to explane.

i’m new in ue4, I’v no exparience. At first, I selected the game type 2d scroller. before create the project, I disabled the ray tracing and disabled maxium quality objects, and starter content was on. When I create the project, everything is ok but nothing war displaying. Except the bars. I clicked the play and that was working. I opened the blueprints that was also working. I tried to create models. The model details ware displaying but I can’t see the object.
Then I deleted the project and create a new 3d project, the same work.

I think you can just reset layout (picture 1) or add viewport manually (picture 2)

This worked! A lots of thanks for your help!