My doubleclick checker function always fires the singleclick event with the doubleclick

Hey all I have a simple function that detects if the player has hit a button once or twice. On inspection I feel like it should work but it will always fire the single click action even if I very quickly have tapped double click.

I’m attempting to sue this so the player can choose to do a quick side step vs a dash in combat.

I’m not entirely sure why this isn’t working and even if I set my delay to a ridiculous amount it still always fires the single click action.

So if a player single clicks once, its good. If the player double clicks it will fire the single click action and then the double click action.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you!

Something a bit hinky with your logic there maybe…

The Gate starts closed, so ‘Then 0’ doesn’t run.

‘Then 1’ opens the gate

‘Then 2’ has a delay which will be ignored by the sequence, because it’s a latent node

‘Then 3’ fires effectively immediately

Probably not what you meant.

I see this, it might be a bit of of date: