My door works on preview but when I compile and try it standalone it doesn't! VR Unreal 5.2

Hi all,

I’m scratching my head over an issue I’m having on my VR project standalone. I have a project where i have a door I can grab and open. It works fine on preview, when I’m testing in editor, but when I compile the app in either android or windows the door doesn’t work anymore! Any idea what can be the problem?
Also there’s an area in my project that makes the camera shake and rotate in a crazy way, even changes some objects colors.

Please show the code/blueprints.

Which ones?
There are a few

All of them. Try to attach a keyboard key event to opening function and compile, so you’ll see if the problem is in the vr input.
What VR are you using and what VR plugin?

I just tried adding a key to open the door, it doesn’t work as well
I don’t know what to share here to be honest, there are no changes in the blueprints, I just added sphere collisions to the VR hand