My default Epic character (the blue one manekin) is double in Play Mode


This is my first post on this forum and I’m a beginner in Unreal stuff because I have been working with Unity only. I have a problem with the default blue character in Play Mode only. On the scene, not in Play Mode, I places one character and then when I go into Play Mode, I see two my characters! One of them can get my input and I can control him, but another isn’t controlled by me. There are two character on the World Outliner, but only in Play Mode. The additional character name in the World Outliner is yellowish, so I think he is spawned during runtime only.

Dont place the character. It gets spawned when you press “play” (as long as you have assigned the right gamemode) :slight_smile:

Thank you! Yes, I noticed that. Is it typical for Unreal? Are all characters spawned at runtime? I see I still need learn much :).

By the way, I’ve changed Unity to Unreal and I don’t regret that. This software is really awesome!