My Custom Even does not fire up

Hi All
I’m struggling to find as to why this Blueprint does not fire up.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I am using a Begin overlap on my Object(I am Aware that If overlap is not the same Input object it would be invalid but it does go to NumPad1), Numpad which then should fire up my NumPad1 custom event.
But it does begin the flow process I have stated.

your wire from numpad1 would go first to “set calc storage” then “set text”.

Thank you for your quick reply. I left the Set Calc Storage as I thought it was the cause for Set Text not firing, even when I connect NumPad1 to Set “Calc Storage Num1” the blueprint does not start up.

ok,so debug mode : take a print string and add it on each wire one by one from start to end. Each time it prints hello on overlap the “all before” is ok. then go to where it does not print hello ^^ (i wonder if this not the overlap itself which is wrong, maybe when you overlap, overlap is not detected because or a wrong setting or not a real overlapping)

Thank you, will respond tonight as the RDP session too much of a mission to add and test.
EDIT: I can confirm the Overlap is being fired and going to my call function NumPad1

Herewith screen shot of NumPad1 being called.

I have also attempted to have the Blueprint run when in Map Blue print, it calls NumPad1 but still nothing happens:-

Should I rather be casting Numpad1 to Calc_Output?

I just dont get it, I riped everything apart and tried to work with the bare minimum and it still wont work.

Here is a screenshot of the whole setup:-

Does one have to use the Change Text BTN component when assigning to to the Change Text Call (Target)?
Its the only thing I can see as

Maybe a simple way would fit better :

A trigger for the overlap event but any other overlapping stuff will be ok, a text on the wall and this in level blueprint to have an overlap in and out event.

Thank you for your response.
Can you confirm if you made this overlap event on the Text component.
In theory, player will have to overlap Text to update text?

As written in last line i made this in level blueprint but you can do a blueprint with a text render and a trigger and in the graph do : on trigger event -> set text (linked to text render by the target wire)

Your method works. However I still need the event to fire from a different object.
Basically I have a box that needs to fire change text.

You can change the text of the Parent object that has the blueprint, but soon as you have a sub object with a custom event to Set text, nothing occurs.

Perhaps a bug?

I don’t know why it doesn’t work with text but at least you have this solution

with more than one text then add an int in text and do loop, check the int to know which text you change.

Fantastic, thank you so much.
Will attempt tonight and report back.

Tried this and doesnt seem to work.
When you refer to “text and do loop” , is this when you Get all Actors of class, then casting it as Text then initating Event?

Yes. you cast " for loop" instead of “get” from blue wire then “cast to text” then “recognizable variable registered in this blueprint” then “branch” based on your var. then “custom event” on true.

Will attempt this tonight.

Your such a great help, i really appreciate everything your doing.

I’ll be happy when it will be working ^^

Finally got it working, here is the end result. I didnt include the get actors which for some reason caused a problem it seems.

With play:-

Cool ! ^^ get actor is only for the casting blueprint to know to what it cast. The casted one doesn’t need it, yes.