My custom character stopped moving

Hi, I know my request will seem minimalistic since I really dont know what could be the issue but here it is, I made a custom character based on the default first person character from unreal, at some point, my player was simply not able to move anymore and I simply have 0 idea why whatsoever. The movement blueprint part is pretty simple and is pretty the same and I made some print test and he can register my input and all the component are movable. Does anyone ever get a similar issue?

It could be anything from collision around the level or maybe some parameter that is not good enough…
Open console, and type Show Collision.
Create another pawn to see if it is a parameter problem…
Tweak the params until you see solution…

I exported the orginial pawn and he work fine, its not linked to anything on the level

So you press a button to make the character move and you already made sure that that button press is received by the blueprint, right? Can you show us a screenshot of the BP graph that shows everything that happens next, from receiving the input all the way to the end?

I did make a check, to be honest at this point I simply copy and past the original fps blueprint character, I redid all the var from my custom pawn and create them on the other bp and I copy and pasted my blueprint code of my custom bp into the original fps character bp and it work again, so now its fine, but if you have a theory about what could be the issue id be curious to know if ever it happen again

IMO you probably did not set your custom character as the default pawn in the game mode or/and something else was consuming the inputs.