My CPU hits 100% usage on opening a project

I’ve searched around the forums and have found similar problems but all different enough that i couldn’t find a clear answer.
I’m brand new to UE4, so new that i cant even open a starter project.Opening a project freezes at 39% and sends my CPU usage to 100%. I’ve followed the steps on other similar problems and as far as i know: My GPU is up to date and selected as default device for UE4, and my hardware should be more than adequate to run UE4.

I’m not sure why I am having this problem.
Intel I5 6600k 3.50ghz
16.0gb ram
Nvidia GTX 1070
windows 10

If this is the very first time you’re opening the editor, do give it a while (more than several minutes may be necessary). It will be much faster the second time round.

Your hardware is more than capable.

okay thank you, ill open it and just be patient.

I am getting the same issue i am getting 100% Cpu usage while opening a free Blueprint
ActionRpg 2 help me fix this…

My Specs are:
i7 -9750H
1tb ssd
Nvidia Rtx 2070

In task manager, open the dropdown “>” left to the UE4Editor to see, which different Threads are running. Most likely, you will see multiple “Shader Compiler” lines here. If this is the case, all is fine, because shaders need to be compiled first, and these might be thousands of them, so it takes some time on a newly opened project.

hey bro,
are u sure my pc wont crash then i will take ur word then approx how much time i should wait

I did wait even more than one hour for some projects.

ok buddy thanks… for ur info

Im having the same issue.
How do I find the problem?
I recently upgraded my CPU and reinstalled windows

cpu i9900k,
ram 32gb 3733mhz,
win 10,
When loading a project, i get bsod after hanging at 39% for a while
Had similar problem when building lighting.

@Everynone This always happens when I open a specific project it gets stuck and takes almost 2 hours. When it finally opens it does not even compile the shaders. And my specs a decent GTX 1660 T1 intel core i7 16GB Ram
. Please help me fix this it wastes a lot of my time.

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First of all use Details tab in task menager, it gives a lot better image what what is happening as it shows all executables invidually.

In case of monitoring UE4 startup, log window is the best what you can do as you exactly see what engine is doing right now, run UE4Editor.exe with -LOG in commend line to see it. btw you can also do this in development builds of your game

Shader compilation is only know progess that eats up CPU on project start up and you dont need to see log to know it’s happening by seeing that you got ShaderCompileWorkers in task menager (details tab ;p), because they do the work UE4 just order around them

My system is
asrock board with
Core i5-8400
32gig of ram
rtx 2060
12gb v-ram

and still get 100%cpu i feel that you need at least 12 core cpu to properly run unreal engine 5 because i have seen quite a few people with this problem my system has six cores and other with 8 cores with same problem and to point out if you allow your cpu to use 100% of that cpu you can damage the cpu or damage the mother board please take cation

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