My Content [free samples] - how to delete?

I downloaded some of free sample, e.g. “Mobile Temple” or “Shooter Game”.
Due to limited disk space I wanted to uninstall this content. I didn’t find an option, so I deleted it manually in my documents folder (Win7). Now every time I fire uo UE launcher it wants to re-install manually deleted content. Proper way of getting rid of it?

Hi lepatsy,

Launcher reinstalling these projects is a known issue. We’re working to fix it and hope to get a patch out soon!

To touch on this a bit more, inability to uninstall marketplace downloads through launcher is known. There may not be a patch out for it, but it will be addressed in a future update to launcher.

Perfect solution, thank you.
mistake was on my side, initially I assumed launcher tried to re-install “Mobile Temple” and “Shooter Game”. This turned out not to be case, only “Content Examples” were auto re-installed. “Mobile Temple” and “Shooter Game” therefore only were flagged as “repair”.
Thank you for very quick response!

As a workaround you can see this answer: How do I uninstall the sample content? - Platform & Builds - Epic Developer Community Forums