My computer keeps crashing while trying to load the kite demo

i add it to my project then fo into it and go to the content browser and select maps then try to load one of these maps but it gets to 65% and them my computer says something went wrong and needs to restart
i am running an alienware 14 laptop with
windows 10 64 bit and
NVidia geforce gt 750 grafics and
intel i5 4200m 2.5 ghs with an turboboost of 3.7 ghs and
8 g of ram
and I am using UE4.10

Hello dougandbretta,

If UE4 is crashing then please provide your crash log. This is a window that appears after UE4 crashes and asks you to report the issue. There it should report you Machine ID and your Epic Account ID. If you would please provide that information here I can look up, in our database, your crash logs.

If you do not see this and your computer is giving you an error then the issue lies within the hardware you are trying to launch the kite demo on. We do not recommend developing on a laptop and my suspicion is that the 8 gb of RAM is not sufficient to run a project that large. What is happening is you are running out of Virtual Memory and it is timing out on you.

The Kite Demo is a rather high end project which was created from it’s rawest form the Open World Demo. While the Kite Demo is a simplified version of the Open World Demo there are still assets that range in the Millions of Polygons and textures that are 8k in size.