My computer keeps crashing when using unreal, any suggestions?

It doesn’t create a mini dump file, it says unknown reason in my reliability history of when it crashes, it’s not my power supply, or my CPU, what else could it be? (BTW im saying its not my CPU cus i monitored if it changed before it crashed in task manager and it did not as well as everything else basically) THANKS SO MUCH! if yall could give my tips i would be over the moon!!

Update Windows and GPU Drivers, telling you with personal experience.

i updated my gpu drivers and it did nothing sadly and my windows is always up to date

Crash generate any crash report? Sometimes bad file structure or sectors in hdd can create such type of issues.

nope, at least not from how i understand your question. it doesnt generate any mini dumps or anything specific in reliability history, maybe theres another place i can look for crash reports, could you suggest one?

maybe check your ram

Log for project location

Engine dump file
C:\Users\Your User\AppData\Local\UnrealEngine\4.25\Saved\Logs

how can i do this?

What is the crash’s error code? What is causing it?

i dont think there is one, i cant seem to find any kind of code my whole computer just crashes, if you have any tips it would really be appreciated

I’ve the same issue and I’ve 32GB of RAM. I haven’t used Unreal since the 18th of December and now suddenly, it’s doing this ONLY with Unreal. Unity works perfectly.
The entire computer freezes and I can only hard reset it. I reinstalled Epic games & Unreal and that worked until I turned my computer off and on again…