My computer crashes everytime i open projects


okey, so everytime i open up my game project my computer crashes. Same project work on my other 2 computers just fine. I recently changed computer to this crashing one, so it has never worked on this one. Strange this is that this one is so much more powerfull than the others.

My last one:

Intel i7 4xxxx series
32GB Ram

The new one:

Intel i7 8700k
250GB M2 Samsung evo

The old CPU works at ~ 20% at load up. The new one is on 100% until it crash.

Tried reinstalling every driver and installed the OS again.

I dont understand why this happends…

Unfortuneatley I dont know how to solve it. When you say your computer crashes, you mean like the screen just freezes and then you’re forced to hard reset (press the on and off button) right?

I get bluescreens… so the computer it self restarts :slight_smile:

Ah i see, but it seems like our issue is still the same

But i also dislike how uncommonly i get answers here (cough never cough). even when someone else commented on my question, there never seems to be any people who answer the actual question, you know?

Hi there,

Could you please post a copy of your DxDialog results? To create it click start and type dxdiag and press enter, then click the Save All Information button, and finally attach a copy of it to your post here using the small paperclip button above the textbox.

This will let us see what hardware and software you have installed, as well as any system level errors that may be present.

I have essentially the same system with a GTX 1080 and have no issues with UE4, no matter the project.

Couple more questions:

Are you able to open a brand new project (try to create a new first person BP)?

Do you have any trouble with modern games?



I can open empty or small projects just fine. It crashes when its alot of data that has to be loaded. As i said before, strange thing is that my other “slower” computer, without GPU has no problem at all, loading that big project up in ilke 5 secods…

link text

I see you have a GTX 960 and you are having problems when loading big projects. Which GPU do you have in your “slow” computer? Have you tried using the same GPU in the “older” computer? It looks like you are running out of GPU memory and this can easily cause your computer to crash if the driver is not able to recover properly.

Can you try with a different GPU?

Ive tried with 1080Ti SLI also…

My other computer is my server computer with no GPU at all.

This time i dont think thats the problem :confused: Thanks anyway!

This may be a stupid suggestion but did you try with SLI disabled?


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Thanks but i actully figered it out! :slight_smile: Thanks to you that tried to help me! :slight_smile:

Found the problem! Thanks anyway! :slight_smile:

What was it?

Sorry for late answer. But for some unknown reason when this computer was setup to be a server computer to host ark servers one of the admins overclocked the CPU to 5Ghz. So the overclocked caused the crash. But nothing indicated me to check it. And i dindt even know that he did overclocked it so…

Still, weird that overclocking would cause this. Maybe it is related to the system not being able to cope with the high frequency of the CPU.