My code only works if i restart the editor

Hi, so i was following this tutorial Enhanced Input Binding with Gameplay Tags C++ and i was able to get everything right and it works fine but if i change anything in the code and recompile it i need to restart the editor to make it work. Could you please help me with this. And think the problem is in MyGameplayTags.h but i dont know why

Are you using HotReload or LiveCode?
If LiveCoding, then changes to the .h files and constructors will have affect only after you restart. If using HotReload, then maybe you can delete cache directories (Build, Intermediate, Saved) and files, and try again. I had tons of issues because of HotReload, and just switched to LiveCode.

Before you delete those directories, try just moving them somewhere else, so that you have a backup. Then, if all is good, just delete them.

I am using HotReload, i did try deleting the cache directories but the problem is not solved.
Will try to use Live Coding.
Thanks for the info.