My Charater wont punch when i hold left click

If anyone knows what the problem is I would greatly appreciate the help I’m still new to ue4 so I still have trouble navigating it and I followed the videos but I don’t know what I did wrong or where I made an error

when I try to test the montage by left clicking nothing happens he just idles still everything else works except the punching


here you set the variable to be equal to itself, which never will do any change.
it’s logically the same as saying “just remain yourself”.

instead, you should just set “isPunching” to be True. (unplug the input and mark the checkbox that will appear in place.)

p.s. don’t forget to set “isPunching” to False after the animation is finished. (same as previous, but unmark the checkbox)

I’m kind of having a new problem because now once I go to check the animation he automatically starts punching even before I left click i fixed the other problem and now I cant fix it from not punching off the gate

please supply the blueprint as is now

alt text
that’s what I have now

This won’t solve your problem, but is you should do this anyway…that set node doesn’t do anything.

sorry but, taking a better look, looks like this “set isPunching?” sets the “isPunching?” variable from the AnimBlueprint, and the get gets the “isPunching?” from the character blueprint, the variables have the same name, but are from different classes and instances, so they do something, they makes the “isPunching?” from the animBP equals to the “isPunching?” from the character blueprint.

the point is that you can just use the original variable. no need to create a new one for the animBP. many tutorials on youtube do that for the sake of simplicity, but it hurts RAM. (double memory usage on each instance)

yes, it’s true, except if he wants to use that variable in the anim graph to make transitions between different states (what i don’t know if he is doing or not because he didn’t send a ss of his anim graph), in this case he would need to have a local variable.

for the characterbp from following the tutorials this is what I got I don’t know if I should just move on from this part and continue the tutorial and I’m sorry that I don’t seem to able to solve it on my own I appreciate the help and guidance your giving me

I just really hate being new to this and wasting others time but I just try to follow the tutorials and what you have told me to do but I just cant figure it out