My characters do not move once I set their location

I have 3 pawns that have to solve puzzles, then their locations are set to certain points at another spot in the world. But 2 of them, when moved to those locations, do not move. They only run in place. The first one does move freely though. I use the same nodes to move all three. I am doing nothing to stop their movement, that I know of, so I’m not sure what’s wrong. Any help is appreciated.

I’m not very familiar with everything, sorry. Would that be on my character or something in the map?

What does your nav mesh look like?

This is what it shows.

The closed off room is where their locations get set to.

hit “P” and you should see a green mesh. That mesh is how your characters know where they can or can’t move to.

Take another screen shot with the pawns at that location. Check to make sure that none of the character’s components can affect navigation.

This is them after their locations got set. The components I have on all of them are just the default ones: capsule component, arrow component, skeletal mesh component, spring arm component, camera component.

The problem was that the conditions to set two of the characters’ locations(the two that wouldn’t work) was being checked in Event Tick. I didn’t realize that it was continuously setting their locations every time Tick was being called. I put a do once node after the conditions were true, so now it works. Thank you for your help, though.

Are they all the same class? You can see the nav mesh while PIE by pressing the tilde key and typing the command “Show Navigation”. That way you can see if the nav mesh is getting broken at run time.

Check my comment above lol. We commented at the same time.