My Character wont move

In the devkit I have one of my player spawns on top of a tall mountain but when I go to play test my map it will let me play but my character is stuck in place and can’t move. Is there a certain height in the devkit that I can’t move at? If so is there a way I can change the height movement? I have already upped my Kill Z for the map so it doesn’t just kill me outright as soon as I spawn in but for some reason my character always gets stuck at a certain height. Any Ideas on why this is happening?

Have you increased the scale of your terrain at all? When you increase the scale of a terrain, it makes collision detection more difficult. There is a height at which you will not be able to move, so make sure that if your terrain is very high, try lowering the terrain’s z position(negative values are ok if they are not below the Kill Z).