My Character starts flying when aiming down

Hi all,

I have a small issue I noticed, and was wondering what may be the cause of it:
I have a fully-animated 3rd person character; it wields a weapon, can walk, run, sprint, crouch & jump, and it can aim & shoot the weapon in all stances & positions.
Its sole UI element is currently a crosshair.
When I test this character - whenever I point its weapon straight down (looking at the floor) - my character gets launched into the air quite quickly; when I aim elsewhere, it starts dropping out of the sky:


So, what could make my character go flying when I look straight down?
I have a feeling this may has something to do with either the weapon the character is holding, or with the CharacterMovement component, but I couldn’t see any option there that was clearly the cause of this phenomenon.
So, any ideas on how to fix this?

Thanks in advance!

It’s hard to say anything without seeing blueprints.

But I assume that the weapon and character collisions are making each other move? Or maybe the cursor? First one is most likely.

Right you are!
The weapon’s collision preset was actually setup correctly - but it had a small ‘fireFrom’ cube I placed inside the barrel, causing this whole flying thing.
Solved now, much obliged! :slight_smile: