My Character Snap backs to Original Position After Roll Animation

I have this issue in where I am trying to set up a roll animation. When I press the key, it rolls properly. However, the character gets snapped back to the original position afterwards. I have tried to use root motion, but my animation becomes really weird when I use it (the character doesn’t roll completely, and only does the first few frames of the animation). I have tried Ref Pose and it is the same thing. When I use normalized root the character does the animation properly, but the problem is that it just snap backs to the original location. Is having a root bone really necessary to fix this? And will it actually fix it? How do I properly set it up? Is the root bone supposed to stay static while the animation occurs? How do I do that on Blender? Are there any other ways to fix this? My character also goes through walls if I roll into it too, but then snap backs. Thanks for the help.

Idk if there ways to fix it, but I know if I would create a roll animation in blender it would look like my character roles on the spot and not moves, then I would add the movement in unreal itself.

I have tried adding the move on Unreal as well but it would always snap back to the original location. My solution was to set up in the blueprint so that when the Roll animation plays the character also gets launched a certain distance so that it mimics the roll distance. The roll animation in itself only plays on the spot and doesn’t move.

did you find out a better solution ?