My Character movement has broken. But fixes itself on collision?

Hi, my character movement has suddenly become very heavy and it is sliding almost as if there isn’t any friction. I have checked the Friction in the CharacterMovement and it is at 8 the default. I put it up to 100 and no difference. The strange thing is that if it collides with say and EnemyBP or a simple cube the movement fixes itself. Any help is appreciated, Thank you!

I wonder if this happens on a clean level or only on your usual test level?

Sadly it happens on a new level too. I think I have narrowed down the problem, however. It seems to break when I Teleport the PayerPawn. I think the capsule component on the player sinks into the ground after the teleport. Any idea why this would happen?

Not sure yet. Make sure teleport is not inside the ground at all, and if you have any physics simulation on any of the Pawn’s components, then when you teleport, make sure the teleport also teleports the physics.

[Link to Demonstration Gif][2] I have lined a gif that I think demonstrates it. I put a cube underneath the player to make it more obvious. It’s very strange never had a problem like this. I am not simulating physics.

When you teleport the pawn, does the problem go away if the teleport destination is a meter or so higher off the ground?

It sadly does not.