My character mesh won't appear in game

Hello everybody I am rather new here so I am still trying to get through the basics as to how UE4 works. My character mesh will not appear ingame. I have checked the render settings and I do have the visibility option checked.

I have the blueprint set up as a pawn and have two cameras set up. One for first person view and the other for a third person view which are set up through a toggle system. Even before setting up the cameras though the character mesh wouldn’t appear in game. Any advice on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated.

Can you show a bit more?

It currently looks like you’re looking trough the camera thats inside the ship and either the camera or mesh is roted by 90 or -90 degrees.

Yeah, basically when I hit play I just fly through space and my ship doesn’t appear. Here is another screen shot of what I see when I hit play.

Thank you for your help!

You’re spawning as the correct pawn, right?

I believe so, in the world settings tab I also made sure to set up my ship as the default pawn class. :frowning: I have started this blueprint from scratch completely and the static mesh still won’t appear when I hit play.

So I rebuilt the blueprint from the ground up and now it seems to be magically working now. I must have had something loaded in wrong because now it suddenly works. I’m going to close this out now so it won’t appear as still open in the forums.