My character just slides across floor not walking

I’ve been working on this problem for several days now and all the tutorials, and all the forums keep telling me to do the same thing, which I’ve done like… several times.
I have a character from Makehuman that I imported into Blender 2.78 and rigged, and set up for fine details (all rpetty and stuff) . Saved as blend file, exported as .FBX and imported into UE4.10.
Took the SK_Mannequin and reskinned it to my character according to all tutorials and my bones are all set to the T frame and everything like I was told, including the retargeting the animations according to all tutorials. But 2 things keep happening.

  1. The T pose doesn’t stay - meaning when I save the thing and preview it the preview has my character’s arms inside the body again like I never set up a T pose.

  2. The animation doesn’t work when I hit PLAY GAME. - Meaning my character just slides across the floor and doesn’t actually animate.

I’m fairly new to UE so forgive me if my comment is of no use, but have you tried setting up the animations in blueprint?