My character just slides across floor not walking

hi i have been sitting for 2 days now and tried to figure out what’s wrong but can’t find here so try here and see if anyone can help me

Have you added the animation blueprint to the mesh in the character blueprint?

Yes i have look img

okay for when i am in animGraph you see how character move but when i try to test the game it just worn

its look like this

Would be a lot easier to see what the graphs look like if you resize the image instead of just cutting out half. Try to just select what you want to show, move it over, and resize the image. The event graph in your animation blueprint for example, I can’t see anything that’s happening there.

I understand that. It could be caused by a number of things.

First thing to check is if your speed variable actually gets set. Add a print string node at the end of the event chain in your animation blueprint and plug in speed to see if it actually sets speed.

When it is sliding, is it in reference pose or idle animation?

Link doesn’t work

That one worked. Ok, so the problem is that it’s not animating forward movement. Have you tried printing velocity?

I’m trying :slight_smile:

You have two state machines, JumpLocomotion and GroundLocomotion. Only the JumpLocomotion is plugged into final animation pose so it will never animate the walking or the idle.

(You can see it slightly jumps to the idle after it lands but immediately goes back to reference pose because your character no longer has y-direction movement)

aha ok followed a tutorial on youtube so thought it but can you help me with the type of writing what to do or something ?

okay something more i’ll fix

Okay thanks you don’t know any good tutorial that you can get help with getting animate the walking ? :slight_smile: im new on this

because I checked this tutorial but couldn’t find cast to my character that you need according to them

okej ty fore the help

Not sure what that means but that is what is causing the issue for you. It can’t animate walking if you don’t tell it to animate walking.

I can’t really think of a logical reason to have a seperate state machine for jumping either. If I were you I’d move the jumping logic into the ground locomotion state machine. You also have two transition rules in the jumping end and back to idle.

It’s because their character blueprint is called “MyCharacter”. Your character blueprint is called “ThirdPersonCharacterWith…” and something I can’t see. That’s what you cast to.

No problem. Mark it as solved if you got what you needed.