My character is sloooow when he's jumping

Hi there ! My problem is presented on the title… I’m trying to make a 2D side scroller (something like presented in the UE team’s video “2D side scroller”). But when my char jump, he’s really slow, as he’s on the moon. Could you explain me why, and wich options can change that ?


Slow how? If you want to increase the player’s air control, you can do so in the Character Movement Component, along with gravity scale, jump force, and character max walk speed. <- Just a few variables that might help you. @bzour;

Hi ! It’s not “air control” because he’s slow to fall. He’s fast at the begining, then he’s vertical speed decrease and the falling speed is progressive too. i’m sorry I cant record it… But my problem is the time in the air. And he’s jump is short, so it’s not the jump force.

How does work the “gravity scale”’ ?

if you using a character controller, i am at work so cant check right now and its off the top of my head, there is a value that you can change max vertical speed. up that value and see if that helps

I upped it to 26714068992.0. And that had’nt changes something =/

I changed the “Jump Z velocity”. And the “Falling lateral friction” was set to 0.