My Character is inside the floor and always falling in the blueprint

I noticed that my character was permanently falling the the Viewport of it’s blueprint and then I turned on the show floor flag and realized that he’s stuck waist deep in the floor. You can’t move the capsule component so how do you fix this? It’s not horrible, but when I want to tweak some of the components inside the character it’d be nice if he was idling instead of falling all the time.

The capsule has nothing to do with whether the “falling” or “idle” animation are playing. Check your character’s animation blueprint, to know why is playing the falling animation instead of the idle.

Like I said, it works fine in the game and He’s idling in the animBP so I doubt there’s anything wrong with the anim BP. Wouldn’t the character movement be attached to the capsule? I figured if the capsule is in the floor maybe it thought it was falling. Then again, I didn’t check to see if the example mannequin is stuck in the floor also so yes, my theory could be flawed. Regardless, I can’t for the life of me figure out why the character is always falling, otherwise I wouldn’t have posted here.