My Character is HUGE and distorted after Skeleton and Animation Re-targeting!

Hello all, I hope that someone can help me figure out what my issue is. I imported my player character model into UE4. I did a re-target to it’s rig and an older animation blueprint that I want to use. I did this by fallowing a tutorial on youtube posted by Unreal. The thing is, after I re-target my player and the animations, when I preview the animations my player character is HUGE blown up and distorted. I can figure out at all what is wrong!? I think the rig is getting resized for some reason!
alt text

Also have this problem. Did you ever figure it out?

For me, I had to scale my character model to fit the size of the engine. That caused distortion. So I had to select my model and each separate piece of my model in Maya and click Modifiy>Freeze Transform. You want to do this before you rig otherwise the model’s transforms will be locked.

you forgot cleaning history in maya, select geometry before bind skin and deleting history, and need all check scale of geometry, never click freeze transform )