My Character is floating in my landscape

Hello everyone! well, my problem is that my character is floating in my landscape and i dont know how to solve the problem!
I made it in Blender and exported as fbx. I Dont know what to do!

Here is a image= Screenshot by Lightshot

Also sorry for bad english im brazilian ;-;

If its what I think it is, I had this very early on as well, as I believe ( can’t test right now) the fix was to increase settings:

Menu at top of editor > Settings > Engine Scalability Settings > View Distance: Epic.


This no longer applies, as they seemed to have fixed this, but at one time that was the suggestion . I’m not sure whats causing it because if player ‘capsule’ was below terrain it would just fall underneath,and if player was too high, it would just fall until it hit the terrain. I tried to duplicate but unable to, but chances are someone has seen this as relates to current engine, and will have your answer.

Are you trying out the current preview perhaps ?

You made terrain in Blender? It is probably a problem with collision. Is your terrain a static mesh if it is can you open a static mesh editor and post a picture of it here.

I just checked having a bit of time, and exported a simple platform in blender 2.76b as fbx into ue4, and it auto creates collisions as long as that’s not unchecked, at least it does in 4.10, therefore its most likely something else .

See attached pic for verification in my current scene:

Images aren’t working due to some obscure DB error on this forum ( PNG, 1.1mb).

Waiting for OP response.


Auto generate collision is good for simple objects but if you make something that looks like a terrain and check auto generate collision you will get this and that is probably similar to what VxVGABRIELVxV has. :slight_smile:
You can fix that by setting collision complexity to Complex as simple but from what I heard it is not the best idea.

Ouch,ya my guess is he was experimenting or such, and clearly that is what occurred, problem likely solved.

Lesson learned in this case I suspect, and always just use built in terrain function which can easily create that which he has shown, but if he wants to use blender he still can as it has a nice terrain plugin which gives interesting results ( free, comes with blender), but if that’s used you need to do a slightly complex procedure as in set it up correctly, and render it via black and white blended ramp ( 16 bit png) which works fine in ue4.

I’ve not done it in awhile, but that’s the idea, and there are tutorials for creating heightmaps in blender : ,is the most thorough one I could find atm and worth watching for other ideas as well.

Not sure he mentions it as I didn’t watch all of it, but as long as you export 16bit PNG, it should come into ue4 just fine, and I"ve had good luck doing so here.


Thanks! i already fixed the problem.

Thx everyone, i already found a fix for this problem!

You really should , even if it seems obvious, say what the fix was so others know who may be having similar problems.

COndense your posts into one as they both say the same thing :wink:


And here I find it with exact same problem 3 years later and they never posted how they fixed it…

Months later: (june 2018)
The problem is when you import a complex landscape and the engine generates a collision it doesnt go around every curve. It instead picks things like a mountain peak and generates the collision to something like the far low corner in a straight line.
I figured for future googles i would give my experiences:

  1. use the UE lanscape tool. It’s faster than blender really and you can create things directly in UE knowing it will work as desired
  2. Have your landscape in sections, so you basically lay the mountain onto the plains etc.

I’m sure there are ways to work the collision better and fine toon it but, i havent even bothered after finding the ue landscape edit so much easier

Next time you go to forums and you post a question, and then you ‘Find the solution’, just post the solution as well, because it is nice to ask for people to spend their time, trying to help you, but it is even ‘nicer’ to do the very same thing you expect from others.

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