My character is a bove the ground

My character is flying above the ground. I searched for hours but, I can’t find how to solve it.
It’s now half in half out
I was testing AI when I founded this

you just need to select the mesh in the details panel then adjust its location to be lower (about 88 units lower). you are also going to want to adjust the rotation to about -90. you can also do this in the viewport of the character bp

You mean like this

But does hitboxes work then? (It’s AI)

It’s was not working

No i meant open your character bp then in the contents section the one in the top left select the mesh and modify its z location. Ill try to post some pictures when i get off work. Im on my phone at the moment

ok so if you look at the below picture you will see that i have opened my character blueprint. now look on the left side and you will see the components tab where the mesh is highlighted, you select the mesh by left clicking on where it says mesh. now with the mesh selected look on the right side of the screen and you will find the details panel, within this panel you want to look for the transform section and set the location to a number similar to what you see in the picture (x=0 y=0 z= -97). note that the z value is the one that you want to change, its the blue one. you will also want to change the meshes rotation so that its forward direction is along the x axis. to do this just change the rotation on the z axis to either 270 or -90 (both have the same effect).

you want to have the majority of your mesh within the capsule collision volume. the capsule collision is what will keep your character from passing through things and allow other objects to affect the character.

I can’t find the Blueprints for the AI, but I can find the Third person blueprints, but not the AI

i dont understand what you mean. is the character class that you placed in your scene called ai? or is it the third person bp?

heres what you need to do, select the character in the viewport then go to the world outliner in the top right and click where it says “edit (insert your class name here)”. this will open the blueprint that you need to be in.

im not sure if your confused on how characters work with the ai vs player thing but it doesnt really matter a character can be a ai or a player and use the same class. what separates ai from a player is the controller that posses them.

Thank you it works now