My character gets transformed when starting/ending Anim Montage?


I had an issue yesterday when on play anim montage he was transformed backwards before he began the animation, after a day of banging my head on it I randomly tried to set collision to none and that seems to have stopped him being pushed back, even though its kinda bad because I need collision in an FPS games for getting shot…

Now I have an issue I dont seem to be able to fix, on the end of the animation, he teleports upwards… And I cant fix it…

If I can understand this behaviour it will really help me improve the other areas of my game using montages but for now I am truly stuck.

I have included a gif to demonstrate the issue.

I would really appreciate it if anyone can help here…

Thank you


It could be that the animation is somehow lagging behind the actor location

you can put in a child collider to catch overlapping bullets or whatever, it won’t push you back as long as it isn’t the root component.

It might have something to do with root motion? Looks like the collision capsule doesn’t follow the body during the animation.