My character deletes once it gets to a certain point on the terrain

disabling the “Enable world bounds checks” in the world settings fixed the below problem.

For some reason it deletes itself and i no longer have control if i either walk to a certain point of the terrain or use the spawn from camera location and i am inside these bounds. is there a max distance before death or something that i should know about or does anyone have any other useful solutions?

There’s a kill plane under which by default you will see that behavior. I can’t for the life of me remember where that setting is. But if you look for my posts on here you’ll see me asking a similar question and someone responded to that. It might be in world settings, if you look for “kill” in the documentation it should dig up something.

disable kill zone in world settings sir

Thanks for the replies guys, it was not kill zone as that was already disabled by myself, but you both made me look through the world settings a little closer and i discovered “Enable world bounds checks” which i disabled, that fixed the problem.