My character broke by itself? Please help

Hello! I opened my game and the mesh and character movement component of my character are… Corrupted? I don’t know what happened, both appear blank and I get this error when trying to play:

I tried new animations bought in the marketplace last time I opened the editor but i reverted them to the original UE5 anims before saving and closing the editor

Hey there @JasonKorda! This issue can sometimes stem from editing the original C++ script or in if the component itself got corrupted. One of the common fixes I’ve seen (though I’ve never experienced this issue personally) is to reparent the actor but some data may be lost in the process. As always, back up your project before making any larger changes!

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Hello again!!! Thank you very much for your response. I hope it’s useful for whoever comes across this same issue.

Luckily for me, I had a backup from about a month ago and I had added very little stuff to the character so I ended up duplicating the corrupted project, replacing the character with the backup one, and copy-pasting the new stuff from the corrupted duplicate into the “new” character.

Made a new backup as soon as I tested everything was fixed, and truly no data was lost.

Once again thank you!!! Have a great day :slight_smile:

PS: my project is 100% blueprint, so I still have no idea what caused my issue in the first place :confused:

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