My car won't go forward or backward, only the wheels are moving

Good night guys, I’m having problems trying to move the car that with a lot of effort I’ve modealdo, (it’s not looking at anything profeisonal but well, I’m starting and I don’t want to fall into copyright, it’s a car modeled without references, made totally from 0) but anyway, I follow all the steps of the different tutorials on Youtube but go, even if I still have that problem. I want to give you the link to the. max file so that you can review it on your computer. Maybe I did something’s wrong… something to do with rigging.

I assume you are using the default Wheeled Vehicle Class.

yes, i’m using it.

Change the hierarchy. Look closely at the 2 photos posted. The hierarchy (left column) in the second photo is what you need.

Got it! working now, thanks for reply.