my cancer

I have been under going chemo for stage 3 bowel cancer, and I am half way through. I have 6 sessions of chemo, on Monday it is my 5 session, each session I do feel like I am going to pass away.

Better to feel dying that actually dying.

my neighbor went thru chemo… i didn’t even recognize him… but a few months later, he and his wife were right back to (love) bickering the way they always had (smile)… hang in there

thankyou all, make me feel better, I only got on more day of chemo, then scans after that, if okay my picc line comes out, but also I been getting runny nose, but when I blow my nose, there is also blood in that, then I was thinking did the cancer spread to my lungs, also pain where liver is, I have to tell cancer clinic about those, also I read 8 out of 9 people with bowel cancer, after treatment only live for 1 year.

I family member is dealing with cancer it sucks,well I have strong beliefs or even you go to science we came from infinity of nothing to something…so maybe it reverse. I hope you beat it. Or a cure comes tomorrow.

Unfortunately it’s happening in my family as well.
She is pretty much selling everything they have to pay for treatment… Anyway, good luck.

How are you doing mate? I’m sending you my best energy, wishes and prayer for good health and news :wink:

I only got 2 more chemo sessions to go, the side effects from chemo, Nausia, drunken side effects, matalic tast in my mouth, also alot of fatigue, very tired sleep alot, and thankyou for your energy as well, i am very lucky it was not stage 4 cancer.

That is good news dude ! :smiley: Keep your mind occupied and continue forward. You will be back to 3d at full speed soon.Best regards again and even more energy coming your way mate and keep us posted.
Munch in like a champ those iron vitamins, vit C or what ever they give you,eat ,sleep ,walk and DONT give in to nasty thoughts! There are quite a few more good ones that can replace those unnecessary ones :smiley: